There was an ideal that makes each great establishment’s success story a unique one

For us in Bagozza, this ideal is the quality that is our distinctive guideline in all our activities, constituting the basis of our competitive structure and investments

Our start to this mission, experiences, personal skills, and our knowledge of the market and products are our secrets that has made Bagozza a world-leader in men’s wear sector since 1970

When the classical tradition of tailoring is considered, each one of the Bagozza garments is a perfect expression of the contemporary fashion notion succeeding by combining creativity and research. In line with the industrial production logic, our Group has achieved to feature the quality that was previously determining just for the elite market

The careful check of the raw materials and production process, design methods based on tailoring, classical but also innovative models, and attention to details, etc. are the elements determining the Bagozza products

Our target is to expand our range of products from the classic wear to accessories, considering only the quality and authenticity that are always our ideals